May 162016

Why NOLA Farms is thrilled to be involved with the planning process of the urban farm bike rides that the Eat Local Challenge hosts each year, along with volunteers from the NOLA Social Ride. This year will mark our committee’s fourth year of putting on the rides, and will be our sixth and seventh rides in total (each year we do two rides, one at the beginning of June and one at the end, with the exception of last year). Once again, we will be stopping by lots of new farms and gardens for both of the rides, and we are very excited for the rides we have planned for you all!


Meetup 10:00 AM: Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center (1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.)
Depart 10:30 AM

Stop #1 – 11:00 AM: Agrowtopia (1045 S. Genois St.)
Depart 11:30 AM

Stop #2 – 11:45 AM: First Grace Community Garden (3401 Canal St.)
Depart 12:15 PM

Stop #3 – 12:45 PM: ReFresh Community Farm (300 N. Broad St.)
Depart 1:15 PM

End Stop #4 – 1:45 PM: Southbound Gardens (4221 S. Robertson St.)

There will be a light meal at the end, with produce supplied by Hollygrove Farm & Market and food cooked by Slice!



9:45 AM: Press Street Gardens (7 Press St.)

Garden Tour at Press Street Gardens Begins at 10:15 AM
Ride Departs 10:45 AM

Stop #1 – 11:15 AM: Owl City Farm
Depart 11:45 AM

Stop #2 – 12:15PM: Garden on Mars
Depart 12:45 PM

Stop #3 – 1:15 PM: Grow On

End Stop #4 – 2:00 PM: Okra Farm (Industrial Ct.)
There will be a party at the end, with a light snack provided. It’s just a short ride from Okra Farm back to Press St.!

As always, we will be passing by and pointing out as many smaller gardens as we can.

Please be prepared, and bring your own supplies! We will have someone driving a truck to carry supplies from stop to stop. Please make sure your bike is in working order, and bring basic repair items such as a tube, pump, wrenches, patch kit, etc. in case of any mechanical issues.

Please note that everyone is individually responsible for safe operation of their bicycles and for following all traffic laws at all times while on public streets. Ample time has been included in the schedule to ensure that everyone can travel at a comfortable pace. Personal safety equipment (helmets and lights) are encouraged. Handouts will be provided at Zeitgeist with a map of all the garden stops, and a live tracker will be posted for anyone that wants to catch up and join at any point!

We look forward to exploring many pockets of local edible flora on our most sustainable, efficient method of travel available: Pedal Power! Come discover a few of our many local urban garden and farms!

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